New Wrangler Jeans with holes, tears, rips, and frays? What was once something to repair is now how a lot of brand new jeans come. But there are easier ways of getting jeans that look old and beat up. The easiest way is to just wear your jeans for a very long time until they become beat up and old. But who has that kind of time? Not me. There are many different types of distressing that can happen to jeans. And I've got some great methods on how to distress your current jeans to give them the look you desire.
To start, if you are looking for frayed edges, just start by cutting off the bottom hems. Or you can cut them off just above the knee and turn them into some jean shorts for summer. To make holes and small worn out patches, all you need is something rough to rub on the fabric. Sand paper, Cheese Grater or even a large rock will do the trick! Make sure you have a flat surface that is ok to cause slight damage to. Pick a place on the jeans to start, around the pockets is a good place to start that won't turn into a massive hole after some wear. Start rubbing your sand paper and really work the fabric until you made it thin and almost see thru. Work a little way out from around the circle making it fade back into the normal looking fabric. Take some water (adding some bleach to the water will give it a little more distressed look if you so desire) and get it wet and pick at the threads to get a slight fraying effect. And there you have your first hole!
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For me, there is not a brand of boots greater than Ariat boots. I love everything about them, and all of their different styles. I wear my boots everyday, and have several pairs to accomodate whatever I may be doing at that time. From riding and working, to heading out for a good time.

While out working in the muck and with the animals I like to have a good sturdy boot with a rubber sole. Sure they are sometimes harder to clean up, but they add that extra bit of protection and traction I sometimes need. They also come up to buckaroo heights so I can wear them out in the brush and not worry too much about my jeans getting ripped.

I have several pairs that are great for special occasions, and just wearing in to town for a night of dancing. This is where I love a good leather soled boot. Nothing like that slick surface to really get your jitterbug going across the dance floor. Another reason I love supporting Ariat boots so much, is it's almost impossible to find a style that isn't on top of the cowboy fashion world.

Just today I found someone who shares my appreciation of Ariat boots. I'm happy to have found her blog, because it appears we have many similar tastes in life. Check out Chores and Chandeliers today!

What about you? Do you have some cowboy boots you can't live without? Do you love Ariat boots too, or is there another brand that has your heart?

Throughout the year thousands of western action shooters load up their guns, don late 19th century western wear, and come together at ranges across the country. These single action enthusiasts are all participants in a sport known as western action shooting. The sport consists of a staged competition where contestants fire revolvers, rifles, and shotguns that are originals or replicas from the Old West. Unfortunately, dressing to capture the spirit of the Old West meant standing for hours in a pair of uncomfortable boots — that is until the arrival of Fort Frontier® Range and Shooter cowboy boots.

Fort Frontier® Range and Shooter Boots are recognized for their mix of Old West style and modern day comfort.
What makes these boots so special is the design team was made up of staff members, including the official Nebraska State Buffalo Bill, Terry Lane, who manages the Old West Shop at Fort Western Stores in Lincoln, NE. The staffs’ personal involvement in western action shooting and extensive knowledge of Old West history was key in constructing a comfortable, authentic cowboy boot. “Most of the participants are not cowboys by trade. They own one pair of boots, and wear them for a few hours at events, and then their feet hurt for the next two days," said Terry. With that in mind, The Fort aimed to offer western action shooters the most comfortable boots available and based on their customers’ responses, they succeeded.

“Now I was in the market for a new pair of boots and saw the Ad for The Best Shooter Boots in the West and decided to call first. Glad I did! I shoved my foot down into the BEST fitt`in boot I have ever worn! They were soft and comfortable on the inside and fit like a glove with plenty of toe wiggl`in room!” said the Salt Creek Kid on the Fort’s Customer Corral webpage.

Fort Western Stores’ Fort Frontier® boots are available in three styles. The original style is called the Nebraskan, next to be released were the Rock Creek and the Valentine. The Valentine was designed just for ladies. Each finely detailed oiled leather boot features a work boot bed, a steel shank for support, and mule ear pulls. The boots’ elastic gore shaft allows easy leg entry and expansion up to 22 inches. The boots are also good year welted, which means you can have them fixed when they're busted up.


                I'm here to teach you guys all about my favorite kind of clothes, country! There are so many people out in the world that do not appreciate the fashions that revolve around the cowboy culture. I can't wait to share my favorite boots, cowboy hats, and leather with y'all!


    April 2011