For me, there is not a brand of boots greater than Ariat boots. I love everything about them, and all of their different styles. I wear my boots everyday, and have several pairs to accomodate whatever I may be doing at that time. From riding and working, to heading out for a good time.

While out working in the muck and with the animals I like to have a good sturdy boot with a rubber sole. Sure they are sometimes harder to clean up, but they add that extra bit of protection and traction I sometimes need. They also come up to buckaroo heights so I can wear them out in the brush and not worry too much about my jeans getting ripped.

I have several pairs that are great for special occasions, and just wearing in to town for a night of dancing. This is where I love a good leather soled boot. Nothing like that slick surface to really get your jitterbug going across the dance floor. Another reason I love supporting Ariat boots so much, is it's almost impossible to find a style that isn't on top of the cowboy fashion world.

Just today I found someone who shares my appreciation of Ariat boots. I'm happy to have found her blog, because it appears we have many similar tastes in life. Check out Chores and Chandeliers today!

What about you? Do you have some cowboy boots you can't live without? Do you love Ariat boots too, or is there another brand that has your heart?


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    April 2011